Many of our UK clients are contacting us with various questions about what will happen now. 

Well the immediate answer is nothing.  The UK took a referendum and voted to leave the EU but until the process of exit is put into place probably from October 2016 onwards; we will still have a couple of years of disentanglement where the exit strategy will be implemented.

My opinion is not to panic but rather to wait and see what this all brings; hopefully the new Prime Minister (and in my opinion a new BREXIT government) will keep us all in the loop, informed of the next steps and what it all really means for owners of property in the EU (specifically for our clients property in Murcia).

With no actual elected government in Spain until Sunday; Interim Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called for “calm and serenity" to Spanish citizens in the UK and British citizens in Spain.

For now we are seeking advice from professional advisers over here and in the UK and they are all saying to allow the dust to settle and wait for the formal notification; the implementation of Article 50 informing the EU that the UK is officially leaving the EU.

Whilst I voted to REMAIN for obvious reasons, we have to accept the outcome of the referendum and get on with our lives and hope that the effects of this LEAVE vote will not be as bad as it could be and also that the Spanish government realise the value of the British investors in Spain and our worth to their economy.

So for now remain calm and let us monitor the next few days/weeks/months. 

Any important infiormation will be publicised on our website so please keep an eye on it.


Prepared by

Bill Kundalia

Managing Director

Villa Solera Service SL