The use of a mask is already mandatory in all open or closed public spaces in the Region of Murcia "whether or not there is a safety distance"

President Fernando López Miras announces the measure adopted in the Governing Council "in the face of a worrying situation and an increasing risk to health"
Recalls the importance of "stopping irresponsible behavior, unnecessary concentrations and without security measures", and stresses that "in everyone's hands is to prevent us from having to resort to decisions that nobody likes"
Press conference of the Governing Council
The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, announced that, “starting today, after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia, the use of a mask will be mandatory in any open or closed public space, whether or not there is distance social security ”. Exceptions are contemplated such as the practice of sport, beaches and swimming pools, as well as the consumption of drinks or food in bars and restaurants.
"The mask must be worn at all times as a measure of protection for yourself and others," said the head of the regional government, who explained that the decision was made at the extraordinary meeting of the Governing Council "in a worrying situation and a growing risk to the health of our fellow citizens ”, in the words of López Miras,“ and following, of course, the recommendation of the health authorities that from the beginning are the only ones to promote any government action ”.
In this sense, he recalled that "we said that all possible decisions are on the table and it is in everyone's hands to prevent us from continuing to have to resort to decisions that no one likes", and stressed that "we will put first, as we have done since first moment, almost six months ago, everyone's health to any other consideration. "
"The pandemic is still there and although the vast majority of Murcians understand it and act responsibly, others, unfortunately, have not been able to perceive the gravity of the situation," said the president. In addition, he insisted that "we must stop irresponsible behavior, unnecessary concentrations and without security measures", and recalled that "when someone has the slightest suspicion that they may be infected, what they should do immediately is isolate themselves, call the phones enabled for this and have no contact with anyone.
During his speech, López Miras also stressed that "we are playing a lot", and that "it would be absolutely unfair for the behavior of a few to force the Region of Murcia to go back, to close, to confine ourselves", to appeal "to the responsibility of all." "We do not want to go back, but if we do not all get involved it is something that can happen," he said.
Likewise, he explained that "we are prepared to face whatever comes, acquiring protection material and work for our professionals before the possibility of a new wave".
First day without ICU admission
Today is the first, since March 12, in which there are no patients with covid-19 admitted to the Intensive Care Units of the Region. "This is a reason for hope," said the president, who also recalled "how many left and how many have been weakened by the ravages of the disease."
Currently there are one hundred people affected in the Region of Murcia, 79 in home isolation and 21 admitted to different hospital centers.
In relation to the coronavirus outbreak linked to a flight from Bolivia, the number of cases amounts to 60, of which 17 are located in a fruit and vegetable company located in the municipality of Murcia and another 13 are contacts of these workers. On the other hand, there is a family outbreak in Murcia, with three cases, and another with the same characteristics in Cartagena, also with three. In addition, there have been three positives of a boat that arrived in Cartagena on Saturday.
López Miras recalled that “the quarantine to which someone who has been in contact with infected people or who suspects they may be is subjected to is 14 days without leaving home, without contact with the outside that is not essential and, of course, with strict security standards ”. He also recalled that "even when there is a first negative PCR, you must wait for a second result without leaving the quarantine, to avoid infecting other people if you have had contact with any positive case."